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Recent Entries

8/27/09 12:39 am

im bored.. and i just had coffee and it's 12.39am

i just wasted 3 hours on wikipedia reading about all sorts of random trivial things

and i editted random retarded things into the pages.. really cheap thrills but it's seriously the most fun i've had in a while

8/17/09 07:37 pm - mlia


8/16/09 07:27 pm - fuck

The lovers are losing.

Keane - why did i not go? seriously. i didnt go for natl day celebrations and it was so much fun. and i didnt go for keane. youtube versions of their concert just dont cut it.

8/2/09 08:30 pm - stay alive


1. Quequ'un M'a Dit - Carla Bruni
2. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - She & Him
3. Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith
4. Soft Shock (Acoustic) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. The Christmas Song - The Raveonettes
6. White WInter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
7. You Are Dreaming - Shout Out Louds
8. Sweet DIsposition - The Temper Trap
9. Cocaine Skin - Broken Social Scene
10. She's Got You High - Mumm-ra

7/23/09 11:40 pm

You’re my Sunday
Make my Monday come alive
Just like Tuesday you’re a new day, wakes me up
Wednesday’s raining
Thursday’s yearning
Friday nights
Then it all ends at the weekend, you’re my star

7/14/09 08:20 pm - electricsexmix


swimming in the flood - passion pit
zero - yeah yeah yeahs
untrust us - crystal castles
gold guns girls - metric
accident - rachael yamagata
baby - alexis taylor
pogo - digitalism
heartbreaker (ft john legend) - MSTRKRFT
je veux te voir (with yelle) - steve aoki
say so - uh huh her

I like the songs individually, but I don't really like them all together.

7/11/09 01:21 pm

recently i've been feeling very content with life. i hope i feel like this forever.

7/10/09 09:11 pm

I don't want any of this

7/9/09 07:13 pm - Click click click


Walnut Tree - Keane
Popular Mechanics For Lovers - Beulah
Catch My Disease - Ben Lee
Like Knives - The Fashion
Uh Oh - Taken By Cars
I Saw It On Your Keyboard - Hellogoodbye
The Bomb - New Young Pony Club
Float On - Goldspot
Dawn of the Dead - Does It Offend You, Yeah
The Perfect Scene - Mercy Mercedes
Jocasta - Noah and the Whale  

I uploaded a mixtape because i needed an excuse not to do history!! This is really fun :)

6/28/09 10:41 pm

I guess ill be taking escapism to a whole other level. But i promise ill be good :)

My days on livejournal are numbered. Ill be a tumblr now, till I get bored of that.

Also check out: pleasefindthis.blogspot.com. It's the most wonderful website about love!
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